Wildlife Control Services

Wildlife Removal in Greater Baltimore, Maryland

Maryland Wildlife Solutions offers wildlife removal, exclusion, and sanitation services in the Greater Baltimore Area. Wildlife conflicts can prove to be very difficult situations. They require custom-tailored resolutions designed and carried out by professionals. Here at Maryland Wildlife Solutions, we put our unmatched knowledge, education, and experience to work to solve any wildlife related issues you may face.

Scratching noises in your walls? Raccoon in your chimney? Birds in your vent? Squirrels and bats in your attic? A snake in your closet? Give us a call! As licensed, trained, and certified wildlife control specialists, we can help you with any wildlife and animal problems you may be dealing with!! Call now to schedule an evaluation in which we will thoroughly inspect your home from top to bottom. We will even search any accessible crawlspaces and attics, and climb your roof to find the source of your wildlife issue! Once our evaluation is complete we will create a custom program that includes animal removal, wildlife damage repairs, sanitation, and anything else necessary to keep your home free of animal intruders. Call today for solutions to these common wildlife problems:

  • Humane bat removal, exclusion, and sanitation
  • Commercial and residential bird control
  • Emergency snake removals INCLUDING VENOMOUS SNAKE REMOVALS!
  • Groundhog and opossum trapping programs
  • Squirrel removal and structural repair
  • Commercial and residential beaver trapping

Trained Industry Experts

Maryland Wildlife Solutions LLC, is a local, owner operated, licensed and insured company. As highly-accredited and certified Wildlife Control Operators with an in-depth knowledge of our local fauna, you can be assured that you are hiring the best of the best.

Fast & Effective Solutions

Using cutting-edge equipment and proven wildlife control methods, we continue to impress with our efficient and effective solutions. Looking for long term answers to your nuisance wildlife issue? Look no further.

Wild Animal Damage Repair

We only use the highest quality of products, many of which are exclusive to our industry, to wildlife-proof your home. We specialize in animal entry point seal-up, wildlife damage repair, and preventive exclusions. Quality craftsmanship is important to us and we’re sure it’s important to you too.