Trapping wildlife is not as simple as one might expect.  Our team is dedicated to furthering our understanding of invasive wildlife removal techniques.  We are also licensed by the state of Maryland for all of your wildlife, rodent and pest control issues.  We have a license to fix the damage that wildlife may cause and to perform seal-ups to prevent them from returning to your home.

State Licenses

  • Maryland Department of Agriculture: License #32957
    •  7A- General Pest
    • 7B- Wood Destroying Insects
    • 7C- Wildlife Control
    • 7D- Rodent Control. 
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources:  Permit #57048
    • Wildlife Damage Control Operator Permit 
  • Maryland Home Improvement Commission: License #141370

National Wildlife Control Operator’s Association Certifications

  • Wildlife Control Operators Training Certification
  • Advanced Operators Training Certification
  • Certified Wildlife Control Professional
  • Structural Bird Management Professional Certification
  • Herptile Management Standards Certification
  • Venomous Snake Handling Certification
  • Rodent Management Certification
  • Bat Management Standards Certification
  • Certified Structural Bat management Professional
  • Zoonotic Disease Professional Certification
  • SinSE (Shooting in Sensitive Environments) Certifications:
    • Level 1 Certified Urban Marksman
    • Level 2 Certified Urban Sharpshooter
  • Certified NWCOA Instructor
  • Master NWCOA Instructor
  • Recipient of 2020 NWCOA Educator of the Year Award

Bird Barrier Certifications:

  • Introduction to Bird Control Training Certification
  • Estimating Bird Control Certification
  • Selling Bird Control Certification
  • Stealth Net Installer Certification
  • Optical Gel Installer Certification
  • Ledge Product Installer Certification
  • Certified Bird Control Specialist

Misc. Product Certifications:

  • Certified Avix Autonomic MkII Laser installer 
  • Certified RidgeGuard Installer
  • Certified Gutterlock Installer