Professional Bird Removal

Frederick bird removal

From the quaint suburban neighborhoods, to the historic districts, to the agricultural farms and commercial areas. Greater Baltimore Area residents are dealing with the same widespread nuisance animal problem – Birds.

Many homes in the historic district will experience chimney swifts in their brick and terracotta chimney flues. The more modern homes are plagued with English sparrows and starlings that make themselves at home in dryer and bathroom vents causing serious fire hazards. Industrial parks and agricultural areas are inflicted with Canada geese, pigeons, and swallows. Regardless of where you live or work in Frederick, and what bird problem you are dealing with, know that we have the solution. Call us today at 410-994-8881 to discuss how we can provide you relief from your avian dilemmas.

Bird control is no easy task and requires a trained professional. Did you know that all but three species of birds in the Greater Baltimore Area are federally protected? Even knocking down an active bird’s nest is a federal crime! Our team are NWCOA Certified Bird Management Operators and we hold certifications in bird control products from Bird Barrier. We can discern between species which not only helps us conform to state and federal regulations, but it also helps us create species specific control programs that yield the highest results.

Birds in Attic

Birds will create problems in residential settings when they enter homes and attics. Birds carry and spread numerous diseases and ectoparasites. Oftentimes homeowners will complain of mites plaguing their home which inevitably emanate from nests in attics. The droppings are caustic and can threaten your health and in some circumstances, the integrity of the structure. Other unwanted critters such as mice are benefited by the nesting material brought in by nesting birds. These problems can get out of hand really quickly. If you are noticing activity or are hearing noises, call us now to book an inspection.

When dealing with birds in attics, it is important that after the birds have been evicted, to remove nesting material when possible and sanitize the area to completely remove the stationary threat. We are trained to conduct these procedures in a method that maintains safe protocols. Exclusion is our primary long term solution to rid attics of birds, but depending on the species we may have to wait until they vacate on their own to proceed with control methods if they are labeled as a protected species.

Commercial Bird Removal

Commercial bird work requires excellent problem solving skills, an extensive knowledge on the behavior and biology of all local bird species, and the capacity to handle large projects. Maryland Wildlife Solutions prides itself in its top notch commercial bird control programs in the Greater Baltimore Area. From Geese to Grackles, Sparrows to Swallows, we can provide you with the best control methods offered in the industry.

Starlings cause a whopping billion dollars in agricultural damage a year, bird droppings contain dangerous diseases which can contaminate food products in commercial facilities, droppings can also be corrosive, slip-hazards, and unsightly. Should your business or association require professional help with a bird problem, Maryland Wildlife Solutions is equipped to handle any such task.

birds in vent Frederick

Birds in Vents

The most common bird problem for both residential and commercial properties in the Frederick area is nesting in vents. Species like European starlings and House sparrows are notorious for this behavior as they are “crevice dwellers”. This means they will seek out nooks and crannies in your home to build a nest and raise young. Should they discover your bathroom or dryer vent, bird removal should take place immediately so as to prevent fire and mold hazards.

If your bathroom vent no longer has suction, or your dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes, you may have a bird nest in your vent. Other signs include chirping, scratching noises, foul smells emanating from your vents, and infestations of mites and similar ectoparasites in your home. If you are experiencing any of these signs, call us and we will get to work at removing the birds and their nests, sanitizing the ducts, and replacing all of your vent covers with bird proof vent covers to prevent it from happening again.