Meet the Owner-Shlomo Simenowitz, CWCP, CNI, MNI

I was brought up on a farm in rural Vermont. My favorite pastimes included catching snakes and frogs by our pond which sparked my lifelong interest in wildlife at a very young age. My childhood experiences taught me to have a deep reverence and healthy respect for our native flora and fauna.

As I got older, I began to appreciate the concept of wildlife control as a farmer. Our goal was to keep predators out and our livestock safely inside – and thus were planted within me the seeds to a holistic integrated approach to wildlife damage management. Other long term hobbies included woodworking which not only familiarized me with tools and repairs, but also taught me life lessons such as “measure twice, cut once”.

After high school, I served as a special operation’s counter terror/ recon sniper in the IDF which underscored the importance of precision, patience, and persistence.

I started my career in wildlife damage control with a large, local pest control company. I spent several years honing my skills as a wildlife control operator and ended my tenure there as Wildlife Division manager. In my ongoing effort to truly master this field, I currently hold over a dozen separate certifications from the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) including the Certified Wildlife Control Professional (CWCP) designation.

I am also a member of the NWCOA Training Committee and hold the titles of Certified and Master instructor for NWCOA. When I am not conducting wildlife control work, you can find me training and presenting on the topic around the country. With this background, I bring to you Maryland Wildlife Solutions, LLC., a company dedicated to long term solutions to wildlife conflicts. We pride ourselves in using methods that are sustainable for both pest and consumer-alike.

Nick Santana

Wildlife Control was a natural fit for Nick with his background in both roofing and pest control. Nick first started his career in wildlife management in 2018. Since then, Nick has had the unique opportunity to work with some of the finest Wildlife Control Operators in the country honing his skills such as trapping and metal capping. Nick holds numerous certifications in the field of wildlife including Wildlife Control Operators Certification, Advanced Operators Certification, Bat Standards Certification, Structural Bat Management Certification, and Zoonotic Disease Professional Certification. He is also a certified installer of RidgeGuard and Gutterlock. Nick is an avid fisherman but foremost is a husband, a father, and enjoys spending time with his family.

Robert Welsh

Rob’s background seems to be custom tailored for Wildlife management. Learning metalwork and repair work from his time in HVAC, learning about nature and habitat modification principles during his landscaping career, and finally roof access and safety as a solar installer. Rob has a dedication to precision which can be noted in his damage repair work. Rob serves as an Exclusion Specialist and Bird Control Specialist with seven certifications from Bird Barrier including Certified Bird Control Specialist, and Bat Management Standards from NWCOA. He is also a certified gutterlock installer, Ridgeguard installer, and Avix Laser installer. Rob is a proud father, and enjoys working on cars (did we mention he is a trained mechanic also?!) and playing video games.