I was brought up on a farm in rural Vermont. My favorite pastimes included catching snakes and frogs by our pond which sparked my lifelong interest in wildlife at a very young age. My childhood experiences taught me to have a deep reverence and healthy respect for our native flora and fauna.

As I got older, I began to appreciate the concept of wildlife control as a farmer. Our goal was to keep predators out and our livestock safely inside – and thus were planted within me the seeds to a holistic integrated approach to wildlife damage management. Other long term hobbies included woodworking which not only familiarized me with tools and repairs, but also taught me life lessons such as “measure twice, cut once”.

After high school, I served as a special operation’s counter terror/ recon sniper in the IDF which underscored the importance of precision, patience, and persistence.

I started my career in wildlife damage control with a large, local pest control company. I spent several years honing my skills as a wildlife control operator and ended my tenure there as Wildlife Division manager. In my ongoing effort to truly master this field, I currently hold over a dozen separate certifications from the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) including the Certified Wildlife Control Professional (CWCP) designation.

I am also a member of the NWCOA Training Committee and hold the titles of Certified and Master instructor for NWCOA. When I am not conducting wildlife control work, you can find me training and presenting on the topic around the country. With this background, I bring to you Maryland Wildlife Solutions, LLC., a company dedicated to long term solutions to wildlife conflicts. We pride ourselves in using methods that are sustainable for both pest and consumer-alike.


I was born and raised in Santa Maria, CA where I graduated high school from Family Partnership Charter School. I joined the US Army in July of 2013 and graduated basic training at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. Since then I have been stationed at Fort Hood, TX, Fort Myers Henderson Hall, Maryland and Deployed to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. I discovered my love for hunting, fishing, trapping and wildlife during my time in Maryland. Paired with a background as a qualified home inspector and Handyman, I felt the field of Wildlife Control was a perfect fit for me.

I started working at Maryland Wildlife Solutions in 2022 and quickly rose to the title of Field Manager. I hold numerous certifications in Wildlife control including certified Zoonotic Disease Professional, Bat Standards and Structural Bat Management Professional, and many other NWCOA and manufacturer certifications. Most of all, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family.

David Dorris

I was raised in Carroll County, Maryland. It was here that I gleaned my appreciation for the outdoors. I love hiking and just about anything that connects me to nature. My other hobbies include photography, working out, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

My background in the service industry started at a pressure washing company, but it was at Maryland Wildlife Solutions that I was able to bridge my passion for the outdoors and my career. I am a residential field-technician which means I specialize in trapping and wildlife-proofing homes for our clients.

In addition to my NWCOA Certifications, I also hold manufacturing certifications for many of the products that I install such as RidgeGuard Certified installer and Gutterlock Certified installer. My mission is to make sure clients like you can enjoy and appreciate our native wildlife as much as I do, without being negatively affected by their presence. I look forward to being able to help you too! 

Morgan Hale

With 10 years in the Cosmetology industry, some may find my leap into the field of Wildlife Management surprising. My journey from salon stylist to salon business owner gave me tremendous experience in customer relations. It taught me everything I needed to know to provide the excellent customer service Maryland Wildlife Solutions is known for.

In addition, growing up in Carroll County Maryland, I spent most of my childhood outdoors kindling my appreciation for wildlife. This background made Maryland Wildlife Solutions a perfect fit for me! As Customer Service Representative,

it is my responsibility to have a deep understanding in wildlife behavior and management to help service our clients, which is why I maintain several certifications from NWCOA. While I love all animals and wildlife, my favorite animal is my cat, Noir. 

John Rodriguez

My name is Jonathan Rodriguez, I am 32 years old and hail from New York City. Having spent many years in commercial construction I can honestly say I am a jack of all trades with a versatile skill set. I’m always looking to learn more and get better at everything I do.

I am a Commercial Field Tech here at Maryland Wildlife Solutions and my favorite part of the job is problem solving. Commercial bird and wildlife management is like a brain teaser puzzle, my job is to figure out what we need to do to solve our clients wildlife problem, how we access hard to reach areas in order to execute our plan, how to work around our clients needs and schedules, and most importantly, how to impress with our results.

Commercial work requires me to maintain a lot of specialty certifications like Osha10, Aerial Lift Certifications, and certifications on our equipment including powder actuated tools. I value craftsmanship above all else and take great pride in my work. I believe that our work is an expression of ourselves, and I want people to be able to see my dedication to my craft in my work.

Otmane El Fouhami:

I’m Otmane, I currently live in Glen Burnie and I am a Wildlife Technician at Maryland Wildlife Solutions. My background is as a Gutter Technician where I learned how to provide consistent and quality services to our clientele.

This background coupled with my training at Maryland Wildlife Solutions allows me to deliver top notch wildlife control services. I am a person who values respect, helpfulness, and friendliness. I am lucky that this job gives me so many opportunities to display these traits.

My favorite part of this job is that we constantly have the opportunity to help people, and I am always ready to lend a hand. I value knowledge and education and I’m constantly striving to acquire new certifications including numerous NWCOA, Bird Barrier, and Osha certifications. I hope I get a chance to help you with any wildlife control issues you may have!