Dryer and bathroom vents

are highly susceptible to wildlife entry. Birds, mice, and squirrels often use these vents to build nests. Clogged dryer and bathroom vents can cause problems in your home ranging from moisture issues to fire hazards. The “builder-quality” vent covers can easily be breached by these critters, and in order to prevent entry, we replace them with pest proof vent covers. These covers are made of powder coated 26 gauge steel, and meet all code requirements for safely venting a dryer. These vent covers provide Zero Airflow Restriction, Easy Cleaning Access and Balanced Magnets that protect against animal entry and negative air pressure flapping.

Sewer stacks

are used to vent foul gasses out of your home. Oftentimes, critters will explore these pipes and should they fall inside, they can become trapped and block the gasses from exiting the structure. This is particularly true with birds and squirrels. Another issue that arises commonly in this area is tree frogs taking up residence in the sewer stacks. Sewer stack caps allow the stacks to properly vent while restricting entry to wildlife.

Roof Vents

come in many different styles, and while some are designed to vent appliances, most are designed to help your attic breath. What they all have in common is that they are targets for animal entry.

Power fan vents

are a common entry point for pests and wildlife because their dome cover acts as shelter against the elements and draws animals to this enticing entry. Most have Screening on the inside, but it has little to no effect against deterring rodents and wildlife. Nests built in these vents, and vents damaged due to animal entry can pose a huge fire hazard due to the electrical components. Static Roof vents are also a common entry point for squirrels and raccoons in our area. These animals chew and tear through the thin aluminum vent to gain access into your home. Both of these vents require special covers to make them wildlife proof.  Made for roof vents, these vent covers are made from heavy duty galvanneal roll formed metal with a baked powder coat finish. Not only are they pest/wildlife proof from everything ranging from stink bugs to raccoons, they offer the added benefit of vent damage protection.

Soffit Vents

are a common entry point for ALL SPECIES. The soffit vent is located on the eve of the home. Normally accompanied by a ridge-vent in new construction, the duo helps draw cool air from the lowest part of the attic and push hot air out of the peak. This air flow piques the curiosity of many animals looking for a place to live and, consequently, becomes an entry point into your home. There are many different styles of Soffit vents and depending on the style is dependent on the solution. Most can be made wildlife-proof by installing PEST-BLOK, a 23 gauge perforated metal that allows for the highest level of wildlife proofing while maintaining proper air flow. PEST-BLOK Comes in over 16 colors so we can custom order the product to match your home. PEST-BLOK has a silicone protected polyester coating to ensure the longevity you’d expect from a 100% made in America product. In certain situations, the soffit does not need full replacement, and we only need to reinforce the Soffit Returns.

Soffit Returns

are areas where the soffit “returns” to the roof of the home. These areas of contact are often not secured during the construction of the home allowing wildlife entry. Mice, bats, squirrels and raccoons often utilize these areas as entry points to the attic. These areas require custom solutions based on soffit style and pitch.

“Whirlybird” Turbine Vents

are another roof ventilation system that are susceptible to wildlife intrusion. These vents spin in the wind pulling out hot, humid air from your attic. Unfortunately, these vents are wide open and provide no protection against wildlife when there is no wind or when the vent ceases to revolve due to age or damage. In the event of intrusion to to low-wind conditions, this can end in the wildlife becoming entrapped in the attic should winds pick up again. These vent-tops are replaced with a static alternative which allows for maximum airflow while excluding wildlife due to its stationary and tight-ribbed design.

Foundational vents

are often the culprit for rodent and wildlife entry due to their close proximity to the ground. Snakes, shrews, and rodents will use these vents without even creating visible damage to the vents. Problems arise when these vents are screened improperly because they are designed to be opened and closed seasonally. Made out of galvanized roll formed metal with a baked powder finish, our  premium foundation vent guards keep pests and wildlife out of crawl space vents. This Product is designed with a removable cover to allow maintenance to the vent without compromising security. Our guards are mounted to the foundation with concrete screws to provide a permanent solution.