Wildlife Exclusion For Whole Home

Homes are riddled with gaps and cracks. Some of these are linear and run along areas where two building substrates meet. Other entry points happen where utility lines enter the structure. All of these need to be sealed in order to prevent the ingress of uninvited guests. 

As you see, sealing a home against wildlife is no easy task. This is why your home requires an in-depth inspection- even if you believe you know the entry point or species already.

Can anybody conduct a full home exclusion?

Not just anybody can conduct a Full Home Exclusion. Maryland Wildlife Solutions holds numerous licenses, permits and certifications which enables us to do so. We are licensed contractors and wildlife control operators so we can handle animal removal and all repairs necessary. 

Ridge Venting offers great ventilation for the home, allowing heat and moisture to escape from the attic. However, most roof ridge vents will warp or lift after time due to exposure to the elements. This warped or lifted plastic ridge vent leaves gaps big enough for bats, mice, rats, squirrels, stinging insects, and even snakes to easily enter the home’s attic.

Also, plastic, and plastic fiber ridge vents are no match for rodents that chew such as squirrels, mice, or rats who make quick work of getting through that barrier. With the opening into the attic running the entire length of the roof ridge, there is a lot of opportunity for unwanted pests to enter the home through the roof ridge vent. RIDGE-GUARD® is the ultimate ridge vent protection. Installing RIDGE-GUARD® on your roof ridge vent locks the vent down securely, which will prevent bats from crawling under the plastic or fiber roof ridge vent, as well as keep squirrels, mice, or rats from chewing their way into the attic.

Another benefit of installing RIDGE-GUARD® on the ridge vent of your home is the added protection against high wind damage to ridge caps. Many times, a hurricane or storms with high winds may cause ridge cap shingles to be ripped off the home in a “domino effect”. This, unfortunately, leaves the ridge vent opening and attic vulnerable to rain and water damage. RIDGE-GUARD® has proven to secure the edges of the ridge cap, keeping them from lifting in high wind conditions, and keeping excessive water out of the home. And as certified installers of RIDGE-GUARD®, customers can benefit from the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty!

Gable Vents are designed to allow for cross ventilation of the attic space, and often allows for wildlife intrusion as well. Gable vents will have either wood, plastic, or aluminum louvers- all of which are easily destroyed by squirrels and raccoons. Gable vents are traditionally screened from the inside with a bug screening that is commonly chewed through by rodents. Bats and birds will also nest/roost within the louvers. The solution? We use 23 gauge screening painted to blend with the vent. This is secured on the exterior to prevent bird and bat roosting and protects the louvers from further damage.

Roofers Gap is a gap between the roof decking and the facia board which is often left open during construction. the gap can range from 1/4″ to more than 2″. This gap allows wildlife to sense the void (your attic) beyond the gap and allows easy access for entry. This gap is most commonly used by squirrels, raccoons, mice, birds and snakes. This gap is effectively closed to prevent wildlife entry by the installation of Gutterlock. Gutterlock is a gutter protection system made out of heavy gauge aluminum which adheres to the front of the gutter and slides under the shingles to encapsulate this area. Gutterlock Elite comes in 13 colors, fits on existing gutters, does not screw into the roof, and eliminates the need for gutter cleaning. And as certified installers of this product, our customers benefit from a manufacturers lifetime guarantee of material and performance against gutter clogging!