Laser Bird Repellent Maryland

Birds can be a nuisance in Maryland. They annually cause severe damage to crops, destroy the rooftops, create unsafe situations at airports and transmit over 60 different diseases. Maryland Wildlife can help you to scare birds away 24/7.  We can eliminate bird nuisance by up to 90%.

Call us today for an estimate on how you can reduce you bird problems.  We are a certified installer with Bird Control Group. Our bird repellent system is fully automated and is a cost efficient solution to your bird control problems.

By installing an Automated Laser Bird Deterrent, you can drastically reduce the number of nests, damage, and hazards for structures, farming, industrial and more.

The laser system can be programmed by a user-friendly app to run different laser projection patterns over the areas where birds roost. Birds perceive the moving green light as a predator and flee immediately when the beam passes by. This laser system prevents bird habitation.  We do commercial bird work in Fairfax, Montgomery, Carroll, Baltimore, Howard and Prince Georges Counties.

Commercial Bird Control

Our laser bird repellent system can help you with:

  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurant
  • Farms
  • Grain Refineries
  • Agriculture
  • Solar Panels
  • Airports
  • Golf Courses
  • Hotels

We can help provide you with immediate and long lasting results to your bird problems in Maryland. Once we install our laser system it will give you effective bird repelling across long distances and wide areas. We can give you the comfort of knowing that this is 24/7 protection against bird intrusions. It is both animal and environmentally friendly.

Maryland Wildlife is here for any of your bird control problems.  If you have home or commercial problems contact us today!