Local residents frequently need help removing raccoons in Eldersburg . If you have raccoons on your property, you are not alone, they can be found all over Carroll County. They are noisy and mischievous creatures. They are nocturnal so it is common to hear them getting into trash cans at night or causing other damages to your property. Like most animals, they are looking for food and shelter and there are many places on your property that provide enough shelter for them to build a nest. Under a porch or shed or even in your attic. We can inspect your home, remove them from your property and clean up or repair any damaged they may have left behind. Call us at 410-994-8881.

These adorable pests are a threat to your property and more importantly, your family and pets. Because there are local laws in place regarding the removal of these animals, it is best to have professionals do the job. We are up to speed on the laws in Carroll County and the safest methods for trapping and removing these creatures. Do not leave your family at risk or put yourself in a dangerous position in terms of the law. Make sure to call us as soon as you are aware of the raccoons.

Raccoons in the Attic

Raccoons can easily find their way onto your roof. From there it is a short trip into your attic. Attics are ideal locations for safety and shelter. The perfect location to nest and possibly deliver baby raccoons. The nests will likely be built with materials they find in the attic like insulation and other materials. What they don’t use in the nests will probably be damaged. When they are determined to get into the attic, roofing shingles and wood are no problem for them. They will scratch and claw their way in, leaving plenty of damage behind. Not to mention the damage created by their droppings and urine while they live in the attic. All of this means costly repairs. Call us at the first sign of a problem.

Raccoon Damage Repair

If Raccoons have made their way in, there will probably be a need for repairs. Some other common places you may find damage from raccoons are vents and soffits. They provide ways for them to gain access to your attic. They will locate any weak areas in their quest for a warm, dry place to raise their babies. Damages can also include whatever you have stored there. The waste and parasites they leave behind can be a problem long after the animals are gone. You must make sure to remove waste and properly sanitize the area. We are prepared to complete the clean up and repair that may be necessary to your insulation, wiring or ductwork. These animals are very destructive. Do not attempt to handle all of this on your own. Call us for help.

Raccoon Exclusion Services

The last step of our process is exclusion. After going through the process of removal and clean up, the last thing you want is for more raccoons to get it. That is why exclusion is a vital part of our service. Along with structural repairs, we will use proven methods to seal the attic and keep them out. You do not want to skip this step.We are very familiar with the way these animals operate and we know the best ways to keep them out. Call us today, we will restore your peace of mind and the safety of your home.