Frederick bird removal

One of our most common calls in Owings Mills is Bird removal. Birds are just like other wildlife, they are searching for shelter. We find them and their nests in many places on homes. Chimneys, vents and attics are the more common locations. Large groups of birds can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with, especially for the average homeowner. We have a great team of professionals and we are ready to help you remove the birds and keep them from getting back in with our proven exclusion methods. Call us for help at 410-994-8881.

Unfortunately, they are not just a nuisance. They bring insects and disease with them. In addition, they will create plenty of damage to your home as they find shelter in or on your home. There may even be dead birds to be removed. You will not want to attempt this on your own as they often carry disease. Call Maryland Wildlife Solutions for help right away.

Birds in Vents

Birds are also commonly found in the vents on your roof. These can be dryer vents or bathroom vents that are necessary for your home. Birds may put nesting materials in them causing blockages. We can clear them out and seal them to ensure that they won’t come back.

Birds in Attic

Birds can easily make their way into the attic of your home or business in Baltimore County. Catching the problem early is key. As soon as you are aware of them you should call us. The sooner they are gone, the better. They create toxic droppings and usually bring other insects if left alone. We will inspect your attic and offer the best plan to remove them from your attic, clean and make any necessary repairs.

An important part of our process is exclusion. This involves sealing any openings to keep more birds or animals from coming in. Then we can move on to clean up and repairs, including insulation replacement. Sanitation and safety are always part of this process.

Commercial Bird Removal

Businesses in Owings Mills are often affected by birds. They can cause many problems for our local commercial buildings. We can complete an inspection and provide you with the best plan to control them. Spikes, netting or other methods may be part of the plan to make sure the problem does not continue. Droppings can be dangerous for your patrons and employees. It can contaminate the air and cause illness. It is also very unsightly at your entrance and can deter patrons from coming inside. Call us right away for an inspection. Don’t allow these pests to harm your business

Pigeon Control

There are many types of nuisance birds but, Pigeons are possibly the most common in Owings Mills. Droppings from these birds are filled with bacteria, fungi and nematodes that are health hazards for people. They also carry many parasites like lice, fleas and ticks. Diseases like salmonella and cryptococcosis are carried by them as well.

Damages to commercial buildings can be great from pigeons as well. The droppings left by them can deteriorate concrete, shingles, paint, wood and other materials on your building. They love areas like eaves, rooftops, attics and even HVAC units on the roof. Once they build a nest, they will not leave and they are not scared to be in populated places. You need professional help to get them to leave. We can help. Call us and schedule a time for us to assess your situation.