Professional Bat Removal

bat removal Frederick

Call Maryland Wildlife Solutions for professional bat removal in Perry Hall. When bats are seen flying near your home it is an indication that you may have them in your home. Your attic is the perfect location for them to nest. Eventually, they could make their way into your living space. Call us at 410-994-8881 for the safe and humane removal of bats in Baltimore County.

You should not attempt to remove them on your own. The removal process should be done by experienced professionals with the proper knowledge and equipment. Bats are insect carriers and they leave dangerous droppings or guano that contain harmful bacteria. If you are not careful when removing them you can release them into the air causing poor breathing conditions for people in the home. As if that were not enough, bats can also carry rabies, making the removal process even more dangerous. Call us for assistance as soon as you see a problem.

Bats In The Attic Exclusion

The attic is the most common place Perry Hall residents find bats in their homes. Large colonies can form rather quickly. A large colony means large amounts of guano. This waste can seriously damage your insulation. If not dealt with it can also create health issues for the people living in the home. You need a team that will not only remove the bats, but will make sure they stay out as well. Don’t spend your time or money on things that do not work.

Attics can be very small and very dark, creating a difficult space to work. Without the proper training and equipment, removing them will be extremely difficult. It can also be dangerous for you and the bats. Calling a professional is the best way to approach this task. We will ensure the safe and humane removal and the best possible exclusion. One way doors are the best way to achieve this goal. Then we carefully inspect the area to locate all possible entry points and seal them. Call us as soon as you suspect a problem.

Bat Damage Repair

Often, after removal, there is a need for repairs. Insulation replacement is particularly common. It can become saturated with urine and guano. The waste will cause odors over time that can fill the air if not disposed of properly. The excessive droppings can also cause damage to structural materials like wood. It is also very flammable so you will want it to be cleaned properly. We can complete all of these repairs with ease. Your home will be as good as new. Contact us for an inspection today and get back your peace of mind.